Colossal King Crab Legs
Colossal King Crab Legs
Colossal King Crab Legs
Colossal King Crab Legs
Colossal King Crab Legs
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Colossal King Crab Legs

Competitors price: $129.95/pound

Our price starts at $89.00/pound
Claw Count: 1 per lb
Serving Size: 1.5 lbs per person
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Introducing our new exquisite Colossal King Crab Legs online for sale, the epitome of seafood indulgence, which come fully cooked and ready to eat. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the unparalleled flavor, unrivaled quality, and sumptuous texture of this majestic crustacean.  

All orders come with a complimentary butter.

Treat yourself to an unparalleled seafood experience with Colossal King Crab Legs — fully cooked and ready to eat!

These majestic legs boast an unparalleled size that will leave you in awe. Savor every succulent bite of these colossal wonders, and let their mouthwatering flavor transport you to a world of unparalleled gastronomic bliss. Get ready to experience the epitome of seafood indulgence – Colossal King Crab Legs are here to captivate your senses and satisfy your cravings for the extraordinary!


Events: Imagine hosting your next dinner party or gathering and impressing your guests with a culinary masterpiece. Each order of Colossal King Crab Legs for sale may contain a combination of succulent claws and mouthwatering legs, perfect for both delectable appetizers and show-stopping main courses. Pair with our other offerings, stone crab, caviar, or key lime pie to complement the king crab.

Health: Delight in the sweet, tender meat of the Colossal King Crab, which not only satisfies your cravings but also fits beautifully into a healthy lifestyle. Naturally lean and low in calories, this premium crustacean is a guilt-free indulgence bursting with a unique and unforgettable flavor.

Taste: Prepare to ignite conversations and create lasting memories as you serve your guests the epitome of elegance and taste. With Colossal King Crab Legs, your culinary prowess will be on full display, leaving everyone craving more.

Indulge in the extraordinary and elevate your dining experience with the best Colossal King Crab Legs For Sale - a culinary delight that truly lives up to its royal name. 

Colossal King Crab Legs Related Questions

What is the difference between King Crab and Colossal King Crab?

Both king crab and colossal king crab are celebrated for their mouthwatering taste and tender meat, but their main distinction lies in size. While regular king crabs are already a treat with their weight ranging from 6 to 10 pounds, the colossal king crab takes it to a whole new level. Brace yourselves for the ultimate seafood feast as colossal king crabs weigh in at a jaw-dropping 8 to 20 pounds or more!

With colossal king crab, you're in for an indulgence like no other. The larger portions mean more succulent meat to relish, making it a perfect choice for special occasions, family gatherings, or simply pampering yourself with an extraordinary dining experience.

How big is a Colossal King Crab? How much does a Colossal King Crab Leg weigh?

Our colossal king crab legs are a sight to behold and a treat for the taste buds. On average, each colossal king crab leg comes in at an impressive weight, averaging anywhere from 1.1 to 1.6 pounds. The colossal king crab is an impressive crustacean known for its remarkable size. Can you imagine the sheer indulgence of enjoying a colossal king crab leg that's not only visually impressive but also offers an abundance of succulent, sweet meat? You won't find anything quite like it. 

Whether you're hosting a special dinner or celebrating a milestone, these extraordinary crab legs will be the star of the show, leaving everyone craving for more. Dive into a world of exquisite flavors with our colossal king crab legs!

How many Colossal King Crab Legs in a pound?

When ordering from our premium Colossal King Crab Legs, you can expect to find approximately 1 leg per pound. Each leg is an absolute seafood delicacy, boasting generous portions of succulent, sweet meat that will leave you craving for more. Treat yourself to the royal feast of our Colossal King Crab Legs and elevate your dining experience to a whole new level!

Are Colossal King Crab Legs Sustainable?

Yes, Colossal King Crab Legs are sourced from sustainable fisheries; as a smart seafood choice it is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested. Looking to safeguard the delicate balance of marine ecosystems and ensure the long-term viability of King Crab populations, both state and federal authorities set strict quotas, size and gender limits are enforced, and fishing seasons are carefully regulated. By partnering with reputable suppliers who adhere to sustainable fishing practices, we can offer you a delicious and eco-friendly seafood option. Enjoy the incredible taste of our Colossal King Crab Legs with the confidence that you are making a responsible choice for the oceans and future generations.

What's the best way to enjoy Colossal King Crab Legs?

For an unforgettable feast, you can start with Baked Colossal King Crab Legs or maybe try a classic Garlic Butter Colossal King Crab Legs. Gently steam or boil the legs, then serve them with a drizzle of melted garlic butter and a squeeze of lemon. For a more extravagant experience, indulge in a Surf and Turf delight by pairing our crab legs with a tender steak, creating a perfect balance of flavors. Complement this mouthwatering duo with a refreshing Caesar salad and buttery mashed potatoes.


Discover the Culinary Freedom of our online for sale Colossal King Crab Legs! These pre-cooked delights can be enjoyed as they are or prepared in countless ways. They can be served warm, steam, sauté, broil, grill, or roast them for 4 minutes to perfection. Don't forget to savor them with our included melted butter or tantalizing dipping sauces. Get ready for a mouthwatering experience!

Colossal King Crab Legs has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 189 reviews.

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