Stone Crab Claws

A 100% sustainable
seafood. Stone crabs are
not killed when harvested.

Stone Crab Claws are a delicacy many enjoy, whether for a family dinner or for an event. The benefits of enjoying a healthy, sustainable meal are plenty and at George Stone Crab, we value providing the freshest meal for families to enjoy worry-free.


Whether you are a fresh stone crab claws connoisseur, a corner shop, a supplier or someone who just can’t get enough of these mouth-watering delicacy, George Stone Crab offers a wide range of online Florida stone crab claws for sale regarding different sizes, perfect complements and the best in-market stone crab claws prices for every type of budget. Buy the perfect dinner online starting from 2 to 20 people – with our mind blowing prices, it’s basically buying at discount offers & paying prices ranging $39.99/pound to $104.99/pound considering delivery even if you order multiple dinners. Order your stone crab claws online today and get your Florida stone crab claws shipped overnight.

At George Stone Crab we have a wide selection of products that will help you make your events, dinners and meetings simply unforgettable memories. As it has become a tradition, among the products we offer to build your loved ones' favorite banquets we have the best options in stone crab claws, king crab legs, caviar, key lime pie, sauces and moreIn this section you will find an overview of some of the best selling and featured items in our stone crab claws collection consisting of medium stone crab claws, large stone crab claws, jumbo stone crab claws, colossal stone crab claws and mega colossal stone crab claws.

There is no doubt to mention that a pair of stone crab claws will be the perfect accent on your table and will bring more than a smile to your guests. Don't think twice! You have the craving, we’ve got the quality, the best price and the service only you deserve. Take action and order your fresh Florida stone crab claws today.

Stone Crab Claws Related Questions

What is so special about stone crab claws?

Florida stone crabs are known far and wide for their remarkable strength; a single claw can exert up to 19,000 pounds of pressure per square inch! Not only that, but these crustaceans boast succulent meat whose sweet flavor makes them an exquisite delicacy. Yet what really sets the stone crab apart from other species is its incredible regenerative power: claws lost to harvesting are replaced within months with no risk of killing the creature. This ability helps ensure healthy populations in future generations - making it possible for us all to enjoy this captivating marine marvel today and tomorrow. Get your hands on these fresh and delicious Florida stone crab claws today! You won't regret it. 

How long does it take a stone crab claw to grow back?

If you're talking about Florida stone crabs, juvenile stone crab claws can regenerate in as little as a few months. Adult claws, however, take much longer to grow back, up to a full year. While the new claw won't be as big as the original one, it can still reach 95 percent of its prior size. Fresh stone crab claws can be harvested and enjoyed year-round, but with the unique ability of juvenile crabs to regenerate lost claws so quickly, they are always in high demand.

What does stone crab taste like?

That's a question asked by many seafood lovers, and for good reason. Florida stone crab claws are highly sought after for their tender, flaky texture and sweet, succulent flavor. The claws of the Florida stone crab are firm yet slightly brittle when cooked and offer a unique taste. Fresh stone crab claws are typically served boiled or steamed, but they can also be cooked in a variety of other ways such as roasted, grilled, fried, sautéed, or even added to dishes like salads and pastas. Either way, stone crab claws are a delicious addition to any seafood dish!

Are stone crab claws healthy?

Absolutely! Florida stone crab claws are a great source of lean protein and healthy fats. They are low in calories, and the meat is very tender. Stone crab claws are also full of important vitamins and minerals, such as selenium and magnesium. Eating fresh stone crab claws can provide you with an excellent balance of nutrients that promote overall health and wellbeing. Stone crab claws are also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help protect against heart disease, stroke, and other chronic conditions. Definitely stone crab claws can be considered a good source of minerals and nutrients to help your body stay healthy. Enjoying a meal of fresh stone crab claws is a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of good nutrition.


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