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Medium Stone Crab Claws

They say the smaller the claw the sweeter the bite. Our extra sweet medium Florida Stone Crab claws are caught daily and shipped to your door in 24hrs. Larger than most medium's they are great for appetizers or a personal feast!


2.5oz - 3.0oz


6-7 per lb


1 lb per person
Good for Appetizers: you’ll get 6 to 7 claws per pound. Ideal serving: One pound per person. Minimum Order - 3 lbs Online
More Information
Common Name: Florida Stone Crab
Scientific Name: Menippe mercenaria
Origin: Florida Keys
Grade: Large
Weight: 1.0000
Claw: 2.5oz - 3.0oz
Count: 6-7 per lb
Serving Size: 1 lb per person
Seasonal Availability: Oct.15 - May 15
Sustainable: Yes
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