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Large Stone Crab Claws

Our mouth-watering large Florida Stone Crab claws are caught daily in the Key's and shipped to your door within 24 hrs. This versatile claw makes for an excellent entrée or appetizer. Large ocean fresh claws are a hit at a party or perfect when you want to enjoy some claws at home.


3.1oz - 5.0oz


4-5 per lb


1.5 lbs per person
An Excellent Entrée: You’ll get 4 to 5 claws per pound. Great as an appetizer. Ideal serving: 1½ pounds per person
More Information
Common Name: Florida Stone Crab
Scientific Name: Menippe mercenaria
Origin: Florida Keys
Grade: Large
Weight: 1.0000
Claw: 3.1oz - 5.0oz
Count: 4-5 per lb
Serving Size: 1.5 lbs per person
Seasonal Availability: Oct. 15 - May 15
Sustainable: Yes
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