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Fresh Stone Crabs

George Stone Crab packs and delivers the freshest stone crabs to your door, whether you live in Miami, New York or Los Angeles. George’s fishing boats in the Florida Keys haul in an average of 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of stone crabs – a day.The company’s crew in Miami sorts, weighs and packs the claws for deliveries in South Florida and across the country.

Affordable Stone Crab Claws

George’s stone crabs are not only the freshest around; they’re also among the most affordable, costing up to 60 percent less than what you pay at restaurants. What fishermen in the Keys catch today, George Stone Crab drivers deliver the next. In Miami, George Stone Crab delivers coolers of fresh stone crabs to homes and offices via Mini Coopers covered in images of the popular crustacean. To get them across the country, George's uses a cooler, which is then packed in a special box that comes with a handle for easy lifting.

Nationwide Shipping

All the stone crabs are shipped intact – not cracked – to keep them fresh, and they are never frozen. The stone crabs are placed on a bed of gel packs and each order comes with a mallet and moist wipes.

South Beach Wine and Food Festival

George’s stone crabs have grown in popularity since the business launched in 2009. Duarte and his staff have showcased their stone crabs at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, as well as the New York City sister event. George's claws have also been featured at the Ericsson Open Tennis Championship on Key Biscayne, Fla.